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Turning Point Yorkshire & Humber is a project investigating and recommending ways to strengthen our region’s Visual Arts sector.

We are creative practitioners, independent professionals and members of visual arts organisations within the region.

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Engage / Participate / Debate
A Voice for the Visual Arts : Turning Strategy into Action
14th April 2011

Many thanks to everyone that took part and helped to facilitate our Launch Event. 

We had around 50 people present – representing a very good range of professionals: Artists / Museums, Galleries, Studio Spaces /  Crafts / Education (Colleges & Universities) / Local Authorities /  Theatre / and more . . . 

John Holden, Roger Newton and Steering Group members did an excellent job of inspiring and enthusing everyone in the room. We went from singing and clapping with John (it’s true) to in depth discussion / mapping of knowledge that the visual arts sector has / needs to strengthen, taking as our starting point the key note question "How might the visual arts community in Yorkshire and the Humber extend and mobilise its capacity by sharing knowledge?"

It was a really good day overall!  

John Holden is an associate of the thinktank Demos and visiting professor in cultural policy at City University London. He is the author of a number of works on culture and cultural policy, including Democratic Culture (Demos 2008), Cultural Diplomacy (Demos 2007) and Cultural Value and the Crisis of Legitimacy (Demos 2004). www.demos.co.uk/people/johnholden

Other Previous Events

Interchange 1

Aimed to devise and begin implementing a programme of visits and exchanges to inform the Strategy, and build relationships within the sector.

Interchange 2

Aimed to devise and begin implementing a programme of events that enable discussion and collaboration with key organisations and agencies from other sectors.

Learning Ecology

Aimed to identify options for a programme to address skills, career development, and leadership, an identify connections with complementary initiatives an the Higher Education sector.

A Yorkshire Project

Aimed to explore options as to how a major collaborative regional project or projects might help to strengthen and raise the profile of the sector. 

Towards a strategy for Yorkshire & Humber

A programme of activities, branded ‘Turning Points’ and designed to inform a regional visual arts Strategy and explore possible future activities and methods.