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Turning Point Yorkshire & Humber is a project investigating and recommending ways to strengthen our region’s Visual Arts sector.

We are creative practitioners, independent professionals and members of visual arts organisations within the region.

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A Voice for the Visual Arts: Strategy 2011 - 2014

Download  ‘A Voice for the Visual Arts’ Strategy 2011-2014 hereTurning Point Yorkshire and Humber aims to provide a new and dynamic voice for the visual arts across the region. Our new Strategy, ‘A Voice for the Visual Arts’, is guided by three key aims:

-        The visual arts will thrive in this region through our collective vision, strength, collaboration and profile.

-        We aim to make the arts accessible to meaningful participation and enjoyment by a diverse range of people visiting and working in the region.

-        We want practitioners to stay and be attracted to a region which can offer a range of resources for the development of skills, creativity, production, exhibition and critical debate.

Make sure your voice is heard! Read the Strategy, join us and find out more by signing up for web updates or join our email list info@tpyh.org.uk